We had a group over to watch the game on Sunday and made sliders 4 ways.  Mushroom with Jalepono cheese, Surf and Turf,  Bacon Cheddar Burger and pulled pork with american.  They all came out great! I think my favorite was the mushroom jalepeno!  Jeff was in love with the surf and turf… what can I say, the guy loves lobster…   The Friday before the game I prepped the pulled pork.  This is probably the fastest and easiest way you can do it but it does require a pressure cooker.

The key to getting it done in 35min is to use country style ribs.  Boneless if you can get them.  If you use a roast, butt or shoulder your cooking time is going to increase due to the increased thickness of the meat.  If you cannot get country style ribs buy a sirloin roast or pork butt and cut it into 2 inch by 2 inch strips.

I can’t even post a recipe it’s so easy… just check out the video: Crazy Easy Pulled Pork


ohhhh alright… Recipe bellow:

boneless country style ribs

add apple juice until half way up the meat

Add salt and some chunks of onion.

cover, lock and bring to 15lbs of pressure.  Cook 35min and use the quick cool method.

Drain off the cooking liquid, add your favorite BBQ sauce and shred.

See! I told you it was easy!