Griddle Videos

Popcorn on the griddle. Easy, clean and delicious. Great to do while camping. This turned out better than we thought and was less messy than we had anticipated. We thought the sugar would make a mess, turns out all we had to do was wipe down the griddle and done. Literally no sticking. Both version of popcorn came out really good. Hope you enjoy the video and give this one a try!
This chicken was really good . Success all around. Got the recipe from “a wok of life” and I love it. Its like a chicken teriyaki on steroids. Tastes just like the Chicken they serve at your typical mall food court. So good its usually what they give you for a free sample to get you hooked. We had a really good time making this video and we hope you enjoy . Please feel free to use our amazon links as we are a partner and appreciate the support. We love all the support you have given and truly appreciate it. Feel free to comment and subscribe . Don’t forget to click the little bell as well to get updates for the latest and greatest.

We cooked a “Chuck Filet Roast” on the griddle.  This is traditionally a rather tough cut of meat but if you remove the center tendon, and tenderize it using the jaccard it comes out rather tasty.  Given the price, it’s definitely worth a try! We would recommend marinating it. Last point is DO NOT OVERCOOK IT! This goes from juicy to dry in about 6 degrees.  We pull ours off the griddle at 122 for rare and 127 for med rare.

We got together to cook up some chicken wings.  They took a bit longer than we expected but come out superb!  This is a great recipe to throw on the griddle while having a drink with your friends.  It takes very little effort, more of a set it and forget it cook!

Here we show a unique process for stuffing the fish with fresh herbs then removing the skin.  As an added bonus cooking it on the griddle means no fish smell in the house!
A little help for anyone who’s blackstone 22 doesn’t seem to want to light or burn hot when using a full size propane tank
These taters are a favorite! The best part about them is how little you need to make them. Really just a knife and the ingredients.
Turn cheese into a crispy treat!
Truly home made!
10 seconds to razor sharp knives,,, literally
A simple bok choy recipe. Healthy quick and easy!
Chris devised this sandwich in college. He would actually cook the breaded patty on a propane gas grill!
We wanted to do this video for a while. It pertains to people who are trying to decide if they should, or should not buy a griddle.
Crazy good Quesadillas!!
This marinade is outstanding!
3 different apps all simple to do on the griddle
A true dagwood sandwich! if you have a pressure cooker and a griddle this is a no brainer, you MUST try it at least once!
We cooked up some sea bass caught on a deep sea fishing trip. Fish was great! Our technique could have used some help 😀
Chris’s famous hangover cure!
Our second try at making a crispy on the outside, soft on the inside sweet potato fry!
The title says it all!!!
Picture Perfect!
It’s easy to make an absolute pile of stroganoff!! Check it out!
Prettier than a crayon box full of flavor!

Breakfast for 14 you say?  SIMPLE on the griddle!
This is a delicious home made teriyaki recipe. A party favorite!

We test 2 cuts of beef that are more affordable than Rib Eye steak to see if they are worth buying

Strange as it may seem chicken parm on the griddle comes out awesome and make so much less mess!!
Grilled Cheese,,, Butter? Mayo? Breads? You tell us!!

If you have not tried flat iron we highly suggest you do!  Affordable and very tender. Here we make a quick, well rounded meal of it.  
Give this recipe a try! you will be pleasantly surprised at how crispy the griddle makes them!
A simple way to make tender steak tips at an affordable price.
A really easy mango salsa!!
lazy Man Fish Tacos!!
Just your basic slaw. Tasty and easy!

We made a custom cover that fits the 36 inch perfectly and even has a hinge!
This is a really fast and easy way to make pulled pork using a pressure cooker.
Really efficient way to peel a grapefruit
This tastes as good as it looks!
A short video on our process for keeping out griddles clean
Doesn’t get any easier than this!
Thai style fried rice. Comes out super super flavorful
Smash Burger Sliders Done 3 Ways!!