Welcome to The Griddle Guys Website!! 

We are the Griddle Guys! Welcome to our site! We strive to share knowledge about what we consider to be one of the greatest cooking appliances of all time, the Griddle! Several years ago the 3 of us jumped on the griddle bandwagon and never looked back! Since the beginning we have received numerous griddle questions from friends, family and sometimes total strangers! While hanging out on the back deck one evening the topic of what questions we were getting came up and a lightbulb went off,.. “…why don’t we put some of the answers to those questions up on YouTube so we help EVERYONE who has griddle questions, not just friends and family…?” That night,, The Griddle Guys were born! Since then we have evolved from providing helpful info to sharing pretty much everything we attempt on the griddle. Both our successes and failures. Our hope is the Griddle Community finds this helpful & entertaining and that we might inspire someone to head out, buy a griddle experience the joy of griddling! Thank you for visiting our site! Griddle on friends!


Jeff is definitely an “Over The Top” type of guy. He has never met an upgrade he could say no to. If it can be made bigger, better, or faster he is all in! Jeff enjoys taking a recipe and pushing it to the limit and then some. Jeff doesn’t shy away from 42 ingredient recipes.. he goes hunting for them! Jeff’s dad owned a restaurant when he was younger and the cooking bug got a hold of him and never let go. Aside from manning a griddle Jeff enjoys home improvement projects, snow boarding and spending time with his family. In his real world job he is in sales.


What can we say about Chris? He enjoys cooking for family and friends! Growing up he was always the one with a spatula in his hand at family get togethers or when canoeing down the river with friends. He loves to entertain and cook for large group get togethers. He is always searching for that extra kick as he loves spicy food. He’s not one for using measurements or repeating the exact same cook ever! After 20+ years of making Chili he has never made it the same twice. By day he is a true “Michael Scott” salesman and on weekends he is the “Condiment King!”


Nate wants to share tips, tricks, hacks and recipes with the griddle community! He has cooked in a couple of commercial kitchens however he is not a professionally trained cook. Nate spends an inordinate amount of time preparing and serving meals. He comes from a large family so cooking for 10 to 15 people was a daily occurrence in his youth. Nate leans towards the “value” side of cooking and stretching your grocery dollar. His kitchen mantra is… “Anyone can make a $70 steak taste good, the challenge is in making a $4 steak taste GREAT”! In his daily life Nate is an IT manager and a bit of a nerd.