Chris came up with this sandwich in college. The story goes,,, late night after partying, he would get home hungry, grab a hamburger bun, a frozen chicken patty, head out to the grill and cook this up. This kind of freaks us out.. I mean after all, frozen chicken pattys are breaded, how can that cook on a gas grill and actually taste good?

He proved us wrong. It comes out good on a gas grill and even better on a griddle! The toppings here are what make it authentic so before you change them up, give em a try!

1 Bag frozen chicken patties

Sliced american cheese

Hamburger Buns

Sliced Tomato




Jalepenos are optional. They are not part of the original recipe

Here is the video on how to cook and assemble. The main thing is to get the mayo, pickle, lettuce and tomato on. The combo goes great with the crispy chicken!