A buttered and grilled bun makes all the difference in the world! We can’t overstate this. All the difference….. We feel it is well worth the effort and elevates your burgers and dogs to the next level.

This is thing is crazy expensive but works crazy good! honestly we were skeptical. It’s pretty large so we assumed we would have to put a pound of butter in it to get it working.

We were wrong….

With literally a single stick of butter this works beautifly! Very heavy construction with all high quaility parts there is no doubt you will be handing this down to your kids and grand kids!

We don’t recommend you spend $80 bucks on something to butter your bread, honestly we don’t. Use a knife….

But…. if you grill alot of rolls and are willing to part with just south of a C- note, this is the guy you want!

Order one here: https://amzn.to/2YOCoFZ

If you can afford this luxry it is a very highly recommended product.